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Fmr CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan Talks about Biden's new CBP One (Illegal Alien) App

Watch it here (backup here):

Jan 2023: They told migrants "Here's the deal: Just get online, fill out a couple lines, and we're gonna let you walk up to a port of entry, we're gonna process and release you into the US and let you remain here illegally, and never deport you"

"They've literally legalized otherwise-illegal activity"

"We're not gonna try to stop the flow from coming, we're not gonna try to stop you from filling, what we know, the majority of fraudulent claims, we're just gonna turn our back, look the other way, and make it actually easier for you to enter the country"

"If you're from one of those 4 countries [Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti], they're sweetening the deal even more. Just the mere fact that you're a migrant from that country, you don't even have to go through the process of faking aslyum. You're just gonna be paroled into the US, simply because you're from one of those 4 countries.

It's a perversion and a direct violation of our parole laws.

Q: Does this mean they're now changing how they're counting the number at the border?

A: Exactly. We need to pay really close attention, because you're seeing the numbers of those illegally entering in-between the ports of entry going down, but those that they're processing through this CBPOne app, through asylum or parole, those numbers are increasing exponentially.

So we need to watch what's happening in-between the ports, and at the ports of entry.

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